Engineering services

Our services cover all relevant process and project steps in the scope of power-electronic assets. Starting with the basic design and dimensioning of the asset, we can support you identifying the optimal overall solution for your application. Besides the choice of the topology and the components, complete analyses of the grid integration and the utilization and stress of all components can be performed. As a result, costs, needed space and weight as well as engineering efforts can be optimized.

We can implement a customer-specific model of your asset for several grid calculation and simulation programs. With our speed-optimized models, you or your clients can analyse your asset with high quality and low effort. With an existing model, we can additionally support the design and the implementation of your control software. Based on our control technology, we can implement a robust and highly dynamic control in C code or VHDL code.

With an existing parameterization and control, we can support your quality management and your internal optimization notably with a software- and hardware-based validation of your control functions. In the validation, the control behaviour is analysed with software-in-the-loop or hardware-in-the-loop applications concerning the fulfilment of the basic-design requirements.

In our system and simulation studies, we analyse and assess the steady-state and dynamic behaviour of your asset, beginning with a single asset up to a complete grid system, like e.g. transmission grids or complete wind farms. We can assist you clarifying many questions concerning stability, holistic EMTC (electromagnetic compatibility, e.g. harmonics and subharmonics, SSTI), compatibility and grid-code implementation and, therefore, reduce your risks.

Furthermore, we can support you with a general software development where e.g. the complete illustrated process is implemented in a software-guided process.

Beside the parameterization and the analyses, we also offer the complete realization of demonstrators and prototypes. Here, different voltage and power levels can be combined with different topologies. Benefit from our possibilities and let us build your prototype up to the megawatt range in very short time.