During the last years, some core technologies have been developed which are either used by us in our services or can be used by our customers. Starting from the modelling and control of a single asset, ending with complete Analyzer systems and the holistic development suite VIAvento, all our technologies are already used successfully by our project partners.

Since the Avasition has been founded in 2010, we are working on power-electronic assets and necessary related design and project aspects like e.g. design, dimensioning and commissioning. In parallel to our project work, we have developed the powerful development software-suite VIAvento to optimize our offered services in terms of quality and feedback times. Based on the featured control-development software with the related realtime coders for C and VHDL, the EMT and RMS grid-calculation software and the post-processing possibilities, VIAvento is the backbone of most of our projects. Our customers like the fact that a software can be purchased with no additional third-party license costs which is a key factory in roll-out situations.

One application of VIAvento is the generation of compiled high-quality highly performant asset models which enable the analysis of power-electronic assets in equal quality in different grid-calculation programs. All models are real-time executable and can be integrated on several HIL platforms. Based on the same technology as the core of VIAvento, these calculation-time efficient plugins enable high-quality analysis – independent of the tools of your choice.

Ever since the inception of Avasition, the control technology is continuously improved. Due to the utilization of the control principles in different topologies and application, the control technologies are highly optimized in terms of robustness, optimal usage of the physical dimensioning and very fast dynamics, essentially especially in modern fault-ride through situations.

Beside our wide range of software-based offline analyses possibilities, we offer the Avasition Analyzer which enables the analysis of complex grid systems with hundreds of controlled power-electronic assets up to realtime based on cost-efficient hardware (FPGA based). In combination with the comfortable graphical user interface VIAvento, large-scale simulation and grid-calculation scenarios can be performed in attractive execution time. The Analyzer can also be used as HIL system which has been done in several projects.