Project partners

Our project partners are very divers but share the common interest in power-electronic converters, their control and grid-integration issues.

Converter manufacturers

One core aspect of our projects is often the detailed modelling and control of power-electronic converters. Since the very beginning of Avasition, we have had various projects in this scope with converter manufactures dealing with different voltage levels (converters for low-, medium- and high voltage in public and industrial grids as well as railway systems).

Asset manufacturers and operators

Another important customer group subsumes the manufactures and operators of assets – like e.g. wind-power-plant and locomotive manufacturers – which often buy converter equipment from external suppliers. For this group, often the analysis and assessment of the dynamic converter-control behaviour, the influence of the converters on surrounding components and the thermal stress and the aging of the semiconductors in steady-state and dynamic operation are project issues (e.g. asset behaviour and component stress in LVRT and HVRT situations).

Grid-system operators

In cooperation with grid-system operators (TSO and DSO), we often analyse the influence of controlled converter assets on different grid-stability aspects. The main foci are grid integration of renewable energies (e.g. wind and solar) and DC-transmission systems (HVDC and MVDC applications in MMC and other multilevel converter topologies) and asset-related specifications.

Universities and research institutes

We permanently want to improve and develop ourselves. Therefore, we cooperate with leading scientists. Amongst others, system studies, realization of expert opinions and development and realization of holistic laboratory demonstrators are performed jointly.